The "MM" family of pickups was released to cover the needs of owners of MusicMan basses (and their various clones), and combines one or two separate coils inside the same housing, depending on the model. They were designed both for 4-string and 5-string basses.

MM-family pickups can be used alone, or with other Lane Poor pickups. A popular combination is one Jazz-style pickup (any variant of the Jazz family) in the neck position, and one MM-family pickup in the bridge position. This provides a wide range of tones, from the warmth and thick fundamentals of the Jazz pickup to the punchy, defined midrange of the MM-family pickup.

Known Models
Coil design4-string5-string
Humbucker (parallel, 2 conductors)MM4HBMM5HB
Humbucker (split-coil, 4 conductors)MM4HBSCMM5HBSC
Single coil (narrow aperture)MM4NMM5N
Single coil (wide aperture)MM4WMM5W
Dual coil (narrow + narrow)MM4DNMM5DN
Dual coil (wide + wide)MM4DWMM5DW
Dual coil (narrow + wide)MM4DVMM5DV

Specific MM-family pickups were made with various combinations of coil types and aperture widths. Additionally, some dual-coil models were hard-wired in series (2 conductors), while others were wired separately (4 conductors) allowing for more flexible configurations of tone, namely split coils. The split-coil pickups were denoted by the "SC" suffix, and seem to be more rare. These options were all selectable upon ordering time, and if you ordered by phone, usually Lane would be glad to explain the merits and different sounds of each of the available choices.

The ideal mounting location for the MM-family pickup, when used alone, is the "harmonic sweet spot" or slightly lower (towards the bridge), as with other MusicMan-style pickups.

One popular custom dual-coil combination was the "DN" variant, which had two separate "narrow" aperture pickup coils inside the housing. Lane compared these pickups to being like having two "Jazz" style pickups in the same body. Another popular combination was the "DW" variant, which had two separate wide-aperture pickup coils inside the housing. Lane compared this variant to having two "P" style pickups mounted in close proximity. There were also some reports of a "DV" model (nicknamed "dual-voice") which had one coil of each aperture type. Information on the relative distribution of these three variants seems to be scarce.

While most of the MM-family pickups were probably dual-coil models, Lane also made some MM-family pickups with single coils. These were denoted by the "N" and "W" suffixes.

There is some uncertainty about whether the "HB" suffix pickup models were truly dual-coil. The old Lane Poor web archives indicate a clear difference between the "HB" and the "DN"/"DW"/"DV" models (mostly in price) and it isn't clear how these pickups are constructed differently. More information on this area would be welcome.

Most MM-family pickups (for 4-string or 5-string) were available with the "mounting tabs" on both sides of the pickups, as with the classic MusicMan pickups. Lane claimed that the tabs were available "for that Retro Look". However, many 5-string MM-family pickups were available without the tabs - the mounting holes were directly on the pickup body - except for the MM5DW pickup. (One assumes that the presence of two wide-aperture coils inside this pickup precluded the tab-less housing, simply due to the width of the wide-aperture coils and their magnet structure.) The MM-family 5-string pickups which had side mounting tabs may have been denoted by an additional "T" suffix.