The "SoapBar" family of pickups was developed primarily to cover the needs of new basses, to be integrated by luthiers. Therefore, these pickup models were popular with luthiers building new instruments. This is in contrast to other families of Lane Poor pickups, which were usually intended as drop-in replacements for various standard pickup sizes. However, some existing basses also happened to fit the standard SoapBar dimensions, most notably those which had certain sizes of Bartolini pickups.

SoapBar-family pickups can be used alone, or in pairs. They were made with 3 different coil types, for different applications.

SoapBar coil types
SeriesCoil type and aperture
JBsingle coil, narrow aperture
SBsingle coil, wide aperture
HBhumbucking coils (2-conductor)

SoapBar-family pickups share a common set of housing sizes, and can be used interchangeably in basses which are routed for that same pickup size. All SoapBar-family pickups are 1.25 inches in width. Usually these sizes were optimized for common 4, 5, 6 and 7 string basses, and differed in varying increments of length.

Common SoapBar widths

It is difficult to tell which type of coils are inside a SoapBar pickup, unless you remove it from the instrument and look at the engraved model name on the rear of the pickup housing. In most cases, the mounting holes for the HB-series pickups differ from the SB-series and JB-series pickups; whereas the single-coil pickups usually have three mounting holes (two on the upper length, one on the lower length) the HB-series pickups usually have one hole on each of the end edges, due to the width requirement of the humbucking dual-coil assembly. If the inscription is not visible or you do not wish to remove your strings and pickups, you may use some form of magnetic viewing paper, which will show the shape and width of the coil(s) inside a SoapBar pickup.

By contrast, it is relatively easy to determine the rest of the pickup's model number: you only need a ruler. Measure the length of the pickup in inches, multiply by 1000 and keep only the 4 most significant digits. For example, a 5-string bass SoapBar family pickup which measures approximately 4.25 inches in length must be one of the following models: JB4250, SB4250, or HB4250.